Aromatic Massage  – 60 minutes             $115.00

Aromatic Massage – 30 minutes              $70.00

Pregnancy Massage – 30 minutes          $75.00

Island Body Glow

Relax and enjoy as milk from the coconut combined with macadamia and coconut oil are gently massaged into the skin followed by an application of Sugar Rub to polish the body revealing new healthy skin as well as strengthening elasticity and replenishing moisture loss.

Full Body $125.00

Back only $85.00


Island Wrap

We will begin by gently dry brushing to exfoliate the body, we will then replace the essential vitamins and antioxidants by drizzling warm Exotic Oil onto the skin.  A warm masque is then applied to the hands and feet while your body is cocooned. Hot Stones are placed on the body while the décolleté and shoulders are massaged.
Hydrating and detoxifying this treatment will leave you refreshed, relaxed and restored.


Tropical Mumma Time

This beautiful experience begins with a warm coconut milk bath to soften, soothe and refresh the feet. The skin is then exfoliated with Sugar Rub. Tension is released with a full body pregnancy massage, helping to relax and ease any pregnancy discomfort while nourishing oil will improve elasticity and hydration. The day will be complete with a beautiful polish on the toes and a stunning shampoo and blow wave to send you on your way.


Island Retreat

Your journey begins with a soothing, coconut milk bath to soften and refresh the feet.  We will then exfoliate with Pure Fiji’s Sugar Rub followed by nourishing Body Butter. After your feet are cocooned in our warm wheat bags, you can truly relax with our conditioning hair and scalp ritual. Finally, a relaxing Lomi-Lomi back massage will have you feeling like you have floated off to the islands. Your treatment will end with a shampoo and blow wave.


Scalp and Hair Ritual

Lie back, relax and let us show you what Soma is all about. You will begin your journey in one of our relaxing Beauty Rooms. From ambient lighting, soothing music and soft, cool eye pads we will whisk you away from your daily stress and worry. Using one of our warm Pure Fiji Exotic Oils, our beauty therapist will continue your journey with a soothing scalp massage.
With your hair cocooned in a hot towel, we will move you into the Salon where we will get you comfortable in one of our recliners for a refreshing shampoo and a PH balancing treatment to ensure your hair is soft and hydrated. We will finish your journey in the Salon with a beautiful blowout, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and ready for another day.


                  Island Escape

Your day will begin with the relaxing Island Wrap followed by a nourishing Island Time Facial. You will then be treated to ‘Total Eyes’ followed by a light lunch. A visit to the salon for a shampoo and blow wave will have you feeling renewed. Your journey will conclude with a manicure and pedicure file and paint. A beautiful escape in every way!



Spray Tans

We offer the stunning Sunescape Spray Tan.  After you have used our exfoliating body wash in our Spa shower, we will spray you from head to toe in what we consider to be one of the most natural looking spray tans on the market.  You can choose a weekend in Bondi, a week in Fiji or a month in Maui. Bliss!



Tropical Paradise Spa Pedicure

Join us for our Tropical Paradise Spa Pedicure and leave your feet feeling refreshed and beautiful. Beginning with a nourishing Coconut Milk foot soak, we will soften and prepare your feet for our Sugar Rub, to gently exfoliate any dead skin cells. After we apply our nourishing Body Butter to your feet, we will wrap them in our warm booties and adjust the chair so we can elevate your legs improving blood flow and reducing any swelling and pressure. After a relaxing massage we will prepare and polish your toes and leave you feeling like you are walking on clouds.


With Gel Polish $90.00