What is the difference between the various bikini waxes on offer?

  1. A Standard Bikini Wax is the removal of pubic hair up to the standard panty line from the leg crease.
  2. An Extended Bikini Wax is the same as a standard but extends to include pubic hair that may be further down the thigh.
  3. A G-String Bikini Wax is the same a standard but extends further towards the centre area to give a tidy result for wearing g-string/thong underwear
  4. A Brazilian Wax is the removal of all pubic hair from the front area. Some clients may choose to leave a strip down the centre.
  5. A Complete/Full Brazilian Wax, sometimes referred to as a “Hollywood”, is the complete removal of all pubic hair from both front and back areas.

Soma’s price difference for these treatments reflects the time generally required to complete the service.

What is Electrolysis and how does it work?

Electrolysis is an effective hair removal procedure that after a regular programme of treatments can result in the long term reduction of unwanted hair. It is generally used and recommended for facial hair of any colour and texture. It involves the use of an electrical current delivered to the hair follicle via a fine needle..

Can I receive my treatment in the same room as my friend?

Unfortunately, in order to give the very best treatment, we are unable to book more than one persaon in a room. We suggest booking in at the same time and then staying on for lunch. We can provide a quiet room where you can eat and relax together.

Is parking available?

Some off-street parking is available and parking on Picton Street or Mellons Bay Road is free.

Am I able to receive services if I have had a recent medical procedure or treatment?

Dependant on the condition or procedure we would recommend that a Doctors letter of clearance is provided to us to ensure you will not have any adverse affects. For example some massage techniques may aggravate certain cancers and high blood pressure.

What are SOMA Dollars?

You will earn Soma Dollars for every retail purchase made from us. For every $50.00 spent on retail product you will earn $5.00 Soma Dollars.  Once you have accumulated $50.00 Soma Dollars, these can be redeemed against any treatment or service of your choice at Soma Day Spa and Salon.  You may wish to redeem these as soon as they become available or you may wish to save them up and enjoy a complimentary treatment or service, the choice is yours.  The Soma Dollars you earn will remain valid for a period of three years.

Can I redeem my Soma Dollars towards product purchases?

Soma Dollars can be redeemed against any treatment or service of your choice at Soma Day Spa and Salon